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Upper Limb Prosthetics

Individuals who experience limb loss and require a upper limb prosthesis each have unique needs and goals and Team Tillges has the experience and skilled staff to fabricate a custom device to help you succeed at your goals and regain your mobility and independence.

Each individual is unique and has varying levels of limb loss and different needs and goals for their prosthetic device. Whether you are wanting to adapt to your limb loss with a passive or positional device, or if you are wanting a body powered prosthesis, myoelectric prosthesis or an activity specific prosthesis to get you back to your lifestyle or activities, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

At Tillges, we are specialists in the design and fitting of all upper limb prosthetics and it is our goal to enable each patient to regain maximum function with their affected hand, or upper limb.

Passive Prosthetics

A passive prosthesis allows the user to have the natural look of their limb. Silicone prosthetics are lightweight and are designed to look like a natural arm, hand or finger. This type of prosthesis helps reduce sensitive residual limb to warm or cold temperature changes and protects painful residual limbs from touch. A passive prosthetic does not offer active movement but allows the user to carry and stabilize objects. These prosthetics are made from silicone and closely resemble the users sound arm, hand and finger.

Positional Prosthetics

A positional prosthetic allows the user of a partial hand prosthetic to change the finger grip for various grasps. The user would simply position the fingers firmly against the object they wanted to hold onto and the fingers lock the object into place allowing for the task. These prosthetic fingers have 11 locking levels of finger flexion and have a load capacity of 150 lbs. Each finger is anchored to a partial hand prosthetic socket which is custom fabricated to the users hand. This structure is built using a soft silicone inner socket with carbon fiber exterior frame.

Body Powered Prosthetics

A body powered prosthesis allows the user to function with the use of cables, harnesses, and manual control. A body powered prosthesis is created for limb loss above the wrist and the user has lots of control in the movement of the device. This type of prosthesis is successful for manual labor activities due to the durability and basic function of these devices.

Myoelectric Prosthetics

A myoelectric prosthesis allows for less harnessing and utilizes the users muscle control to trigger movement with an electrical signal. Myoelectrical prostheses have motors and batteries to power the movement of the prosthesis which functions by muscle signals from the user’s residual limb. When the user squeezes their muscles to signal the closing of their hand, the myoelectrical prosthesis hand will close. This type of prosthesis is intuitive for the end user and allows for natural movements and ease of control.

Hybrid Upper Limb Prosthetics

A custom hybrid prosthesis is the combination of varying types of devices, such as a cosmetic prosthesis and a myoelectric prosthesis. A hybrid prosthesis allows users of high levels of limb loss to have increased function to success in all activities of their daily life.

Person with hand prosthetic using hand drill

Activity Specific Prosthetics

An activity specific prosthesis allows the user to continue living their life with a custom device that can withstand the force or substance that the prosthesis will endure without damage. For example, these custom prostheses can allow a swimmer to continue swimming, a violinist to continue playing naturally or a golfer to grip the club and swing through with ease. Tillges specializes in fabricating activity specific prostheses to allow our patients to live life as they enjoy!

Team Tillges practitioners work closely with each patient and their care team to evaluate and design a custom upper-limb prosthesis or device that works for your particular needs and goals. We also work one-on-one with our design and fabrication technicians to build your custom device right here on-site in our state-of-the-art fabrication lab. 

With our advanced capabilities and qualified staff, Team Tillges can cast, fabricate and fit your custom prosthesis in a matter of days, including device training, analysis and adjustments. Call us today at 651-772-2665 to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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