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We greatly value our patients and their feedback! If you are a current Tillges patient, we’d love to hear about your experience!

  • “I was new to the world of prosthetics. I was greeted by Steve during my time in the hospital; he’s just one of the many good people that work in this company. The time they put into their patients to get it right is amazing. They are well organized, and they work very well to get you the best they possibly can. I will definitely be going there for the rest of my life.”
    -Mason Z.
  • “I have been going to Tillges for 11 years and will go there forever. It is an hour drive and well worth it. They treat you like family!”
    -Ashleigh V.
  • “Tillges creates my prosthesis for my foot. They have been awesome! Any issues I have, I can call and see a technician same-day for minor adjustments or issues. This is huge when you first start walking on a new prosthesis. Their customer service is the best!”
    -Jim M.
  • ​​“As someone who has worked in healthcare, I know what “behind the scenes” can be like – I see this group as working together, collaborating as a team, and always keeping the client first. You are a shining example to the health care community!”
    -Elsa K.
  • “These guys are so amazing! They are knowledgeable of the industry. They work with you and make suggestions of things to try to make your device work and fit better. I couldn’t believe the amount of support. Excellent team to work with!”
    -Anita H.
  • “Knowledgeable, friendly staff. They are the best in the business, willing to provide patients with the best products out there. The knowledge they have of each product is beyond anything I have experienced. Highly recommend Tillges for amputees.”
    -Jenna V.

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