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Team Tillges

At Tillges our dedicated team is excited to work with you and your care team! It is our goal to provide each individual with the utmost care and highest-quality orthotic and prosthetic products and services available in the industry.  

Tillges practitioners have been certified by the American Board of Certification (ABC) or work under the direction of a certified practitioner. Practitioners are also licensed by the Minnesota Board of Podiatry.


Tillges embraces modern technology, while maintaining traditional values, to provide orthotic and prosthetic services that enhance the quality of life of every person we serve.

Our Core Values


  • We will own it, learn from our experiences and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Always take responsibility for your actions.


  • We believe that together everyone achieves more.
  • We put the well-being of our patients, referrals, co-workers and the company before our own.

Service Excellence

  • It is our commitment to listen, understand and deliver superior outcomes.
  • We believe it is more than what we provide, it is how we think and act.


  • It is about bringing new ideas, techniques and talents to life.
  • It is the driving force behind our culture and who we are.

Robert Tillges

CPO, FAAOP, President
Clinical Certification 1990
With Tillges Since 1992

Michael Tillges

CPO, Co-Vice President
Clinical Certification 2010
With Tillges Since 2004

Steve Tillges

CPO, Co-Vice President
Clinical Certification 2010
With Tillges Since 2001

David TIllges

Clinical Certification 2018
With Tillges Since 2008

Daniel Schmitt

Clinical Certification 2001
With Tillges Since 1993

Brian Kasprowicz

Clinical Certification 2004
With Tillges Since 1997

Erik Fleming

Clinical Certification 2009
With Tillges Since 2010

Katie Peterson

Clinical Certification 2003
With Tillges Since 2013

Sean Scarbrough

Clinical Certification 2008
With Tillges Since 2013

Todd Nordell

Clinical Certification 2017
With Tillges Since 2014

Dave Nelson

Clinical Certification 2004
With Tillges Since 2013

Phil Prochnow

Clinical Certification 2013
With Tillges Since 2011

Yael Radison

Clinical Certification 2019
With Tillges Since 2015

Chris Kampsula

Clinical Certification 2011
With Tillges Since 1998

Aaron Dooley

Clinical Certification 2004
With Tillges Since 2022

Randy Lacey

Executive Vice President
With Tillges Since 2013

Joe Hinrichs

Orthotic & Prosthetic Resident
With Tillges Since 2017

Cory Larson

Orthotic & Prosthetic Resident
With Tillges Since 2022

Allison Sauvola

Orthotic & Prosthetic Resident
Clinical Certification 2022
With Tillges Since 2021

Thomas Tillges

Operations Process Manager
With Tillges Since 2015

Elissa Kovala

Administrator Accounts & Services
With Tillges Since 2008

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