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Same-Day Prosthetics. Partners for Life.

Wherever you are, Tillges works to provide you with the best possible care, as soon as possible. We can get you back to your life in a matter of hours, while we fabricate, refine and adjust your device. We’ll get you back on your feet in no time, but we will partner with you for life.

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Conveniently Located, Wherever You Are

Tillges offers a convenient facility for anyone in the country. No matter where you live, the individual care that makes us the ideal partner for prosthetic patients is available to you.

Tillges practitioners work closely with you to evaluate and design a prosthesis that works for your particular needs and goals. We also work one-on-one with our design and fabrication technicians to build your custom device right here on-site. With our advanced capabilities, Tillges can cast, form and fit your prostheses in a matter of days, including gait training, analysis and adjustments.

Precision Casting for the Perfect Fit

If you’re struggling with socket discomfort, you will benefit from the Symphonie Aqua System, our state-of-the-art hydrostatic pressure-casting procedure.The Symphonie allows total surface-weight bearing under actual conditions within the prosthetic socket. Symphonie castings help maximize your socket comfort and limb stability during all daily activities.

Call us at 651-772-2665 or check out our video to learn more or to schedule your complimentary visit.

Tillges offers the following prosthetic products and services

Lower Limb Prosthetics

Partial Foot
Trans Tibial
Knee Disarticulation
Trans Femoral
Hip Disarticulation

Upper Limb Prosthetics

Partial Hand
Partial Fingers
Wrist Disarticulation
Trans Radial
Elbow Disarticulation
Trans Humeral
Shoulder Disarticulation

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Call us at 651-772-2665 to learn more or to schedule your complimentary consultation.
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