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As Partners for Life, Tillges provides your child with the care they need to live an active, comfortable life. At Tillges, our family will work with your family and network of care providers to design a solution specific to your child's goals and dreams.

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With our on-site fabrication lab, our whole team is able to work closely together to provide the best orthotic or prosthetic device for your child efficiently and effectively. 

The Tillges goal is to help your child feel confident in their abilities with their custom prosthetic or orthotic device. Each patient has specific needs and goals, and we work together to provide an outcome that meets those needs.

Pediatric Solutions for Every Condition

We create upper- and lower-limb orthotic and prosthetic devices and spinal bracing to meet the needs of patients with:

Pediatric Solutions

Cerebral Palsy
Spina Bifida
Flat Feet
Upper- and Lower-Limb Deficiencies and Amputations
Orthopaedic, Neurologic and Genetic Disorders
Leg Length Discrepancy
Bony Malalignment

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