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Lower Limb Prosthetics

Individuals who experience limb loss and require a lower limb prosthesis each have unique needs and goals and Team Tillges has the experience and skilled staff to fabricate a custom device to help you succeed at your goals and regain your mobility and independence.

Each individual is unique and has varying levels of limb loss and different needs and goals for their prosthetic device. Team Tillges practitioners work closely with you to evaluate and design a custom lower limb prosthesis that will get you back to your lifestyle and favorite activities.

At Tillges, we are specialists in the design and fitting of all lower limb prosthetics and it is our goal to enable each patient to regain maximum function with their affected lower limb, whether they are dealing with a below knee, above knee or hip disarticulation amputation.

Partial Foot Prosthetics

A partial foot prosthesis allows the user improved stability and functionality to manage their limb loss. At Tillges, we offer an array of partial foot prosthetics to suit the needs of each patient. These can range from cosmetic restoration or carbon fiber design. The carbon fiber partial foot prosthesis allows for energy return to put that spring back in your step.

Symes Prosthetics

A Symes prosthesis allows the user to utilize their remaining residual limb and heel pad to have solid suspension in their prosthetic. There are various designs to allow for smooth function for a wide array of activities. We like to incorporate a boa system which allows the user to adjust the fit of their prosthetic on the fly.

Symes lower limb prosthetic

Transtibial Prosthetics

A transtibial prosthesis allows an individual with below the knee limb loss function from below the knee to the floor. The prosthetic socket is the main connection between the patient’s residual limb and the prosthesis, and it distributes the force evenly through the residual limb. There are various prosthetic feet that can be attached to the prosthetic socket and at Tillges our team will figure out the perfect fit for you to help accomplish your goals. 

Knee Disarticulation Prosthetics

A knee disarticulation prosthesis is for a patient with a lower-limb amputation that was done directly through the knee joint. A knee disarticulation prosthesis allows for solid weight bearing and stability during gait and day-to-day function of the patient. Because a knee disarticulation amputation leaves the residual limb intact, including the bones and muscle, this allows a lower profile socket and potential greater comfort for the patient because the remaining femur bone can withstand full weight bearing into the prosthetic socket. 

Transfemoral Prosthetics

A transfemoral prosthesis replaces missing anatomical segments from below the hip all the way to feet – the prosthesis is custom designed for the needs of each patient and their goals. This type of prosthesis can vary greatly and can range from a MAS socket design to a sub ischial system. The socket is the most important part of the prosthesis and requires maximum comfort and stability for the patient to obtain their goals in life. At Tillges, we work with each individual to create a prosthesis that allows for the greatest comfort and functionality to live their life on their terms.

Person smiling with lower limb prosthetic

Hip Disarticulation Prosthetics

A custom hip disarticulation prosthesis is needed after the extensive amputation at the hip joint. A major challenge of a hip disarticulation prosthesis is ensuring that the user has solid stability and safety while donning and doffing the prosthesis. At Tillges, a custom hip disarticulation prosthesis is created to allow for the greatest socket comfort for the user with the finished prosthesis being as streamlined as possible to allow for full weightbearing and a smooth gait. 

Team Tillges practitioners work closely with each patient and their care team to evaluate and design a custom lower limb prosthesis that works for your particular needs and goals. We also work one-on-one with our design and fabrication technicians to build your custom device right here on-site in our state-of-the-art fabrication lab. 

With our advanced capabilities and qualified staff, Team Tillges can cast, fabricate and fit your custom above knee or below knee prosthesis in a matter of days, including device training, analysis, gait training and adjustments. Call us today at 651-772-2665 to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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