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Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month Patient Highlight: Jed Anderson 

Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness

At Tillges we are proud to support Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month during the month of April and beyond. We are honored to be a part of the story of many individuals as they begin their process of limb loss and limb difference and those who are further along in their journey. In this story, we are going to feature one of our patients, Jed. Jed first heard about Tillges Orthotics and Prosthetics through attending a Wiggle Your Toes mobility clinic. Jed met with one of our prosthetists to share his amputee story, and we hope that by sharing his adventurous and positive life will encourage and motivate many individuals with similar circumstances.   

Jed’s Amputee Journey  

Three years ago, Jed’s life changed in an instant when his leg became caught in a piece of farming equipment. This accident he endured resulted in the amputation of his left lower limb below the knee. Since his accident and amputation, Jed has remained positive and has embraced his life with the adaptation of using a prosthesis and he continues to thrive.  

Our Hero’s Documentary Featuring Jed (Episode 001 – Waves of Valor): 

As Jed gained trust and learned how to use his prosthesis, he was most excited to restart playing hockey with his family, snowmobiling, and driving his manual truck. This was only the start as he continued to pick up many more new activities which have included wake surfing with the ‘Our Heros Tour’ and snowboarding. In addition to these added activities, Jed keeps an activity-filled life as he works construction, farms on the weekends, plows snow in the winter months, and seeks out new skills and adventures each day. 

Jed snowboarding

Embracing the Journey with Positivity

When asked what advice he would give to someone starting this journey with limb loss, Jed recommends seeking out a positive environment and embracing what life with a prosthesis means as your new normal. Jed noted that his positive environment consisting of his family, friends, ‘Our Hero’s Tour’, Wiggle Your Toes, and physical therapists had a drastic impact on beginning his life with a prosthesis. He also recommends connecting with others who have gone through a similar circumstance. Engaging with others through organizations, such as Wiggle Your Toes, can help build a community with others who have gone through the process and can encourage you through the difficult aspects of the journey.  

We are so grateful to Jed for sharing his story with us. At Tillges, we are honored to support individuals with limb loss and limb difference and are happy to help with each step of their journey. Please reach out to speak with our experienced staff about how we can best help you or your patients on this journey.  



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